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French tennis player punished for 7 months

International Tennis Federation ITF deprive racing rights for seven months French player Constant Lyostien for betting on tennis matches. Half of the fine is suspended, and 24-year-old Lyostien will have to pay a fine of 10,000 dollars after pleading guilty. 164 th ranked ATP Frenchman has bet at least 220 games from online accounts in the period February 2012 – June 2015. Among them will duels with his participation, but…


Planning major reforms for Davis Cup and Fed Cup

International Tennis Association ITF planned reforms in team tournaments Davis Cup for men and the Fed Cup for women. Proposals are few and one of them is a place in the finals to be determined in advance by example on the football Champions League. This can prevent the current model, in which one of the two teams always have the advantage of being the host and choose the pavement of…